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Our dream is to enhance the lives of families in our communities while supporting the most vulnerable babies

If you are passionate about children, and you have always wanted to partner with organizations that are committed to help save children’s live in our communities and around the globe, we invite you to connect with us. 

P.S.: In the 1960s a group of approximately 30 Canadian women joined forces to establish a special and distinct hospital to serve the children and youth. 10 years of bakes sales, garage sales, fundraisers, auctions and dinners. 10 years of whatever it took, so they would have base funds for a government match to break ground and have the hospital built. Today, the Eastern Ontario Children’s Hospital (CHEO) is one of the largest children’s hospital in Canada.


Our thought: if this was in 1960s and they were able to build such an incredible legacy, imagine what we can accomplish today!