Our Partners


Our Partners

We have Amazing Partners

As near and dear as supporting this very special mission is for us, we appreciate that there are many equally compelling charities vying for your support, so we have found a way to earn dollars for NICU without stressing your pocketbook. 

We had to come up with an easier, most simple way of giving, especially for families like ours who have great financial commitments (having children, buying homes, getting married, saving for retirement, etc...)

We are fortunate to have found great ways for everyone and anyone to be able to become a monthly donor without any additional financial burden.

We wanted to stay true to our value:

  • Not asking people for money they don’t have
  • Enhancing the lives of families and individuals in our community
  • While continuing to help save the lives of mothers and babies.

Please send us an email at info@naylah.org to learn more about becoming a monthly donor. It's easy, rewarding and we are giving the NICU reliable monthly donations.



To make a donation directly to the NICU please follow the link bellow:

NAYLAH'S LEGACY - Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)

NAYLAH'S LEGACY - Ottawa Hospital Foundation